October weather in the Houston area can change dramatically overnight from warm summer temperatures to cool winter temperatures. To get heating equipment ready for winter weather, residents and business owners should call for Katy AC services. Local residents also know that air conditioning units must be on standby to meet the vagaries of seasonal weather, which can fluctuate as much as 30 degrees in a few days. To be ready, call a Katy AC repair contractor to tune up your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit so that you remain comfortable indoors no matter what the weather may be.

Importance of Heating Maintenance

Before turning on the heat for the first time this year, call a Katy air conditioning repair service for annual maintenance. Whether you have a heat pump, central air conditioning, radiant heat, or wall furnaces, maintenance is important. For gas furnaces, maintenance ensures that your unit is safe to operate. In addition, tune-ups calibrate elements of a system to improve energy efficiency. Maintenance reduces wear and tear on the unit, which extends its service life. Preventive maintenance may also identify small problems that can easily be corrected. Left unattended, they may develop into expensive problems or eventually cause the system to stop working. You save money on utilities, repairs, and the expense of replacing a unit.

It is also important to inspect the air conditioning unit as the season’s change. Intense use during hot, humid weather can decrease efficiency. A licensed Katy AC services company will examine the components as part of a tune-up. Any problems should be rectified before turning it off for several months. That way, it is in good condition to start up when warm weather arrives.

Elements of Maintenance

One of the most important maintenance tasks a homeowner can do is to change or clean HVAC filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Filters capture airborne pollutants and keep them from entering the system. If filters get dirty, these particulates can bypass the filter. When dirt settles on coils, heat exchange is affected, reducing efficiency. If pollutants enter ducts, they are blown into the living space.

During a tune-up, a certified technician will examine each element of the system, including filters, refrigerant level, condensate drain, drip pan, coils, thermostat, voltage, amperage, and ducts. For a furnace tune-up, burners, piping, vents, and housing will be examined. The technician should also ensure that the unit starts up, runs, and turns off properly.

AirDepot provides AC services for residents and businesses of Katy and nearby communities. Our annual maintenance contracts include three visits each year to make sure your furnace, air conditioner, and entire HVAC system are working efficiently. Our NATE-certified technicians are factory-trained on leading-edge equipment.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We service, maintain and install equipment according to industry standards. To schedule a fall tune-up for your furnace, call us today!

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