Winter is right around the corner, and you need a furnace that can keep up with your family’s heating needs. It’s best to schedule a system replacement before the start of the cold season to minimize your risk of a heating emergency. Waiting too long could leave you and your family without heat when it’s needed most. Here are a few signs that it may be time to replace your current furnace.

Older Than 15+ Years

Furnaces typically only last about 15 to 20 years. Electrical systems often have a slightly longer life span but will need constant repairs and maintenance to keep them functional. As your HVAC system ages, vital components wear down and become fragile. The internal damage will become impossible to fix even with professional service. It’s also more likely the internal safety features will misfire or stop working altogether. Once your furnace reaches 15 years, it’s best to consult with an HVAC technician to determine how much longer your system can last.

Requires Constant Service

Another side effect of an older system is constant maintenance and repairs. Outdated furnaces will reach a point where the service costs are more than that of a new installation. You might have to call in a technician every couple of months or even sooner. Additionally, the replacement and repair costs will only increase over time.

While these service calls will keep your furnace functional, they’ll skyrocket your costs. It’s better to invest in a new system that has more efficiency. New furnaces don’t require immediate maintenance and are better equipped to handle your heating needs. Pouring resources into an old appliance will only prolong its life span for so long. Consider investing in a new system rather than an old furnace that only has a few years left at best.

Higher Energy Bills

Older furnaces slowly increase your utility costs year after year. They require more energy to produce less overall heating. A new furnace installation can feel like a hefty burden to bear when your old system hasn’t completely broken down. However, the immediate benefits of a new system will dramatically improve your quality of living. An improved furnace lets you take advantage of energy-efficient advancements in the field. These systems are better for the environment and your budget and will maximize the comfort in your home.

Compromised Safety Features

Furnaces are large, complicated systems that have access to every room in your home. Once your system starts producing soot or excessive debris, you’ll have a house-wide issue compromising your safety. Soot and gas leaks are often the result of a damaged heat exchanger. This vital part is needed to safely contain the combustion gasses in your system. While you can spend thousands replacing it, the most cost-efficient fix is replacing your furnace. If your heating system has reached an age where the heat exchanger is no longer safe, many other components in the furnace are likely worn-out and damaged as well.

Can’t Maintain Your Indoor Comfort

Finally, it may be time to replace your furnace if it can’t keep up with your comfort needs. Temperature inconsistencies and insufficient airflow may indicate your system can no longer work as efficiently as before. It may short-cycle frequently during the day or refuse to turn on. Even your home’s indoor air quality can be impacted by an outdated furnace. Your family deserves an HVAC system that can provide the heating they need to stay comfortable this winter. A new furnace is an investment both in your comfort and the safety of your home.

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