If you hear weird noises coming from the air conditioner in your Spring, Texas, home, or business, it is important to identify what is causing the problem as soon as possible. Although some noises are part of normal operation, unusual noises signify problems that should be investigated by a Spring AC repair company. If you listen carefully, you will become familiar with the sounds your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system makes during routine operation. Here are several unusual noises that HVAC systems make when problems are present.


Squealing can signify several problems. A high-pitched squeal often means a belt is worn or is not properly seated. In older models, belts drive fans, motors, and other components. In newer models, direct-drive motors do not have belts. If you have an older air conditioner, check the belts. However, if squealing occurs in newer models, there is probably another cause.

When a blower or fan starts to fail, the bearings may squeal when the unit runs. Call for Spring air conditioning repair as soon as possible. If a fan or a motor malfunctions, the system will stop running.

Clanging or Banging

Clanging and banging indicate that something is loose or broken. A fan blade could be hitting a stick or leaf jammed in the housing. A loose or misaligned fan blade may be hitting the sides of the housing.

Banging can indicate a problem with components inside the compressor, such as a rod, crankshaft, or piston pin, or a problem with the compressor mounting. Homeowners can examine the outside housing to see if debris is causing the problem. Otherwise, call for Spring AC repair as soon as possible.

Bubbling and Gurgling

Gurgling or bubbling sounds usually mean refrigerant is leaking. Gurgling can also be a sign that condensate lines are clogged. Homeowners can clean drip pans and condensate lines. However, testing refrigerant charge, sealing refrigerant leaks, and recharging a system should be left to professionals.

AirDepot have provided Spring AC services for residents and businesses in the greater Houston area since 1977. We are factory-authorized dealers for Daikin and Carrier. This means we must maintain the highest standards of customer service and technological excellence in our work. If your air conditioner is making unusual sounds, do not delay in calling for Spring AC repair service. Early diagnosis saves wear and tear on equipment and makes sure your HVAC system functions properly to keep you comfortable.

Call the experts at AirDepot for prompt service. We also offer 24-hour emergency service for those situations that cannot wait.

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