Vent covers are often overlooked when cleaning. However, your local Spring AC services company recommends that you clean them regularly. Doing so can help the look of your home, your health, and your HVAC system. Your heating and cooling vent covers can collect dust over time and start to look dirty. Some of this is just a normal dust collection. However, vents become dirty faster if you aren’t changing your air filters and scheduling Spring AC services and maintenance regularly.

Why Should I Clean My Vent Covers?

Filthy vent covers can detract from the rest of your house. No matter how well decorated or how clean the rest of your home is, dirty vent covers can be unsightly. More importantly, they can affect your health. Dirty vent covers can increase the amount of dust, pollutants, and allergens in the air and affect your indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can lead to many health concerns, including respiratory problems. Additionally, cleaning your vent covers can increase your HVAC system’s efficiency and reduce your need for Spring air conditioning repair.

How to Clean Vent Covers

To keep vent covers clean, ensure that you are changing your filters and having your HVAC system serviced regularly. Your Spring AC repair company can give you recommendations on how often to do these things. Once a month, you should vacuum your vent covers with a brush attachment or wipe them with a dry cloth. Before doing this, make sure that your heat and AC are off and that your furniture is protected from falling dust. If you have a hard time remembering to clean them once a month, try choosing a date to clean your vents. For example, if you choose the first day of the month, it will be easier to remember when the last time you cleaned them was.

Every 6 months, you should wash your vent covers with soap and water. However, be careful not to rub off the paint. All you need is a little amount of dish soap and a quick wash with a microfiber cloth. This will get rid of grime that accumulates over time that doesn’t come off with your monthly cleaning.

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