Proper air balancing provides essential functions for an HVAC system. If you go months or years without air balancing on your HVAC system, then you are doing a disservice that will ultimately impact the overall performance and energy efficiency of the heating and cooling elements. When you hire HVAC technicians for inspections or maintenance, consider air balancing services. Air balancing not only helps a system perform better, but the process can also improve your efficiency in multiple ways.

What Is Air Balancing?

HVAC technicians may use multiple methods to perform an air balancing service. One method might include a full inspection of your home’s ductwork to see how air flows through the system. Others may include a comfort balance service, which includes checks of the vents and dampers.

The balancing will typically include testing to determine if certain rooms in a home do not get proper airflow. HVAC technicians will typically use two tools to test the airflow in your home. The tools include a balometer and a manometer. The technician will use a balometer over the grills and vents in your home to measure the output of air in various rooms. The manometer will measure the air pressure that flows through the ducts.

With the measurements, HVAC technicians can identify weak points in the airflow and make adjustments to ensure your whole home has proper air balance. Repairs and adjustments may include duct leak fixes, duct repairs, grille repairs, or adjustments to the HVAC air pressure system.

HVAC System Balancing and Energy Efficiency

Through the air balancing process, your home’s energy efficiency will naturally improve in multiple ways. With an unbalanced home, an HVAC system will have to work harder to heat or cool certain rooms. When the air is balanced and even, the HVAC system will run smoother and will not have to run longer to reach set temperatures on a thermostat.

A part of the air balancing in an HVAC system may include duct cleaning if a technician determines dirty ducts are a main cause of airflow issues. The airflow could naturally slow down, which forces HVAC systems to work stronger and harder to provide hot or cool air. The cleaning will include the removal of dust, debris, or other blockages like cobwebs. Through the process, you will save money on energy bills.

HVAC Air Balancing and System Performance

While air balancing provides direct improvements to your home’s energy efficiency, the service also provides long-term benefits for your home. With a properly balanced HVAC system, the belts, fans, and motor will not go through as much wear and tear. The improved system performance will help your HVAC system run smoothly and can help avoid bigger issues caused by continued air balance problems.

For example, worn belts and a decrease in motor performance could cause an HVAC system to run even longer and use more energy. The unit will go through a lot more wear and usage to reach temperatures set by your thermostat. A decrease in performance will lead to less energy efficiency and higher bills as the years go on. The performance you had when the system was first installed can drop dramatically with those indirect air balance issues. Not only will you improve the energy efficiency in your home with the service, but you will also save on the need for costly repairs or replacements in the future.

At AirDepot we are proud to offer professional HVAC system balancing on your home. We want your home to feel comfortable and your comfort system to run efficiently at the same time. Along with air balancing services, our experienced technicians offer a wide range of HVAC services as well. We can install a new AC or heating system in your home. We provide repairs for issues that include strange noises and short cycling.

We offer installation and repair on alternate heating solutions including ductless heating systems and heat pump services. If you own a commercial business, then our trained professionals can also help with commercial AC repair, installation, and air balancing so your business runs with proper energy efficiency as well.

Contact us at AirDepot to set up an appointment or to have answers to any questions you may have about your heating and cooling system in Cypress.

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