2018 is shaping up to be another historically hot year, but new and upcoming technologies are set to keep you cooler than ever. From brand new types of systems to retrofits that can be handled during a routine Spring air conditioning repair call, these HVAC technologies are poised to keep you more comfortable, last longer, and slash your energy consumption.

Thermally-Driven Air Conditioning

Unlike a conventional compressor-based air conditioning unit, a thermally-driven system uses thermal energy instead of electricity. Instead of coolants that can damage the environment, many of these systems use water, ammonia, and other relatively non-toxic solids or liquids. However, reusable desiccants — a central component in thermally-driven AC units — are still in their early stages of development, so this technology will likely need to mature a few years before it takes off.

Ice-Powered Air Conditioning

Sometimes, low-tech solutions are the way to go. As the name implies, an ice-powered air conditioner uses a giant block of ice to provide cooling throughout the day, and conventional coolers refreeze the water at night when the outdoor temperature is lowest. Current ice-powered air conditioners can provide around six hours of cooling.

Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps

Heat pumps offer substantially better heating efficiency compared to furnaces, boilers, and space heaters, but they don’t work that well when the outdoor temperature dips below freezing. New dual-fuel heat pumps overcome this issue by including a small furnace that comes on only when the temperature drops below a certain point, such as 35°F.

New Duct Wrap Technologies

Old ducts are often the weak link in aging HVAC systems, and if you require a Spring AC repair, consider upgrading your ducts with a new wrap, which will breathe fresh life into them at a fraction of the cost of a complete replacement. New duct wraps offer better thermal and moisture protection, and many are now made from recycled materials like denim, making them the clear choice for environmentally-friendly homeowners.

Smart, Automated Homes

The HVAC industry has been at the forefront of using green technologies to improve your life, and HVAC systems are continuing to become smarter and smarter. House sensors that detect where occupants are can keep heating and cooling pinpointed on you rather than blanketing the entire home, which can easily cut your energy bill by half or more. Thermostats that provide Wi-Fi access, which is already popular, will become the standard within the next few years.

Interested in the evolving HVAC industry and state-of-the-art technologies like those listed above? Give the pros at AirDepot a call to talk about new products, get troubleshooting help, or schedule any of our other Spring AC services.

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