Not all heating and cooling system breakdowns are caused by a system failure. In some cases, your thermostat may be to blame for the uncomfortable temperatures inside your home or business. Calling your Cypress air conditioning repair company at the first sign of trouble can ensure that HVAC problems are resolved quickly after you test your thermostat. Here are some of the best ways to determine if your thermostat is the cause of your issues.

Change the Batteries

Some thermostats are battery-operated or use a battery back-up to provide power in the event your electricity goes out. Replacing these batteries can sometimes resolve issues with your thermostat and can restore proper connectivity between this control device and your heating and cooling equipment. Making a point to switch out the batteries each spring and fall can help you stay more comfortable inside your Cypress home.

Check the Settings

In some instances, your thermostat may have inadvertently been switched to the wrong setting. Making sure that it is set to cool or heat as appropriate and then setting the desired temperature can sometimes resolve any issues with heating and cooling your home effectively. Resetting the breaker that controls your thermostat and HVAC system can also sometimes be an effective way to restart an unresponsive system.

Inspect Your Wiring

Your thermostat depends on wiring to communicate with your furnace or air conditioning unit. If you notice loose or broken wires in or around your thermostat, calling your Cypress AC repair team right away can help you avoid further damage to your heating and cooling system and can ensure that your thermostat is properly connected and ready to manage temperatures inside your home.

Listen to Your HVAC Unit

If you still believe that your thermostat could be at the heart of your problem, it may be time to enlist the help of a friend or family member to listen to your system while you adjust the temperature on your thermostat. The person next to the air conditioner should hear a click or whirring noise when the signal comes from the thermostat to the system. If no sound is heard, this could mean that your problem is with your thermostat or with the connecting wires between it and your system.

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