Most people are aware of the power-generating benefits of solar power arrays. Solar thermal systems can provide water and space heating for homes and businesses in areas that get plenty of suns. Solar cooling systems, however, are relatively new to the HVAC marketplace and offer significant advantages for homeowners and businesses in our area. Working with a qualified Katy air conditioning repair company can help you determine if these cutting-edge solutions might be right for you.

Solar HVAC Cooling Basics

Solar panels produce and store electricity that can be used to power heat pumps and cooling systems in warmer regions. This can significantly reduce dependence on fossil fuels and can lower utility bills during the heat of the summer in Texas. Solar absorption chillers work on a similar principle by absorbing thermal heat from sunlight. A heat transfer fluid is used to convey the heat energy into a compressor for pressurization. Katy AC repair technicians will tell you that this allows the heat transfer fluid to absorb heat more effectively, allowing the solar absorption cooling system to provide cool air indoors for homes and businesses.

Benefits of Solar Cooling Systems

Investing in a solar HVAC cooling system can provide significant benefits for you and your family, including the following:
  • Solar cooling systems offer superior energy efficiency and are designed to be sustainable and cost-effective options for homes and businesses.
  • They can often be upgraded or retrofitted to work with your current HVAC system or to accommodate brand-new equipment designed specifically to work with solar power and thermal arrays.
  • Most solar absorption systems are scalable to suit any building or home size.
  • When the sun is at its brightest and hottest outdoors, your solar cooling system will be able to put that power to work to cool your home or office more effectively during peak periods of demand for cooling.
  • You will typically enjoy much lower cooling bills and increased control over utility expenditures.
  • Installing solar panels and cooling systems may allow you to take advantage of federal tax credits for these alternative HVAC options.

Your local Katy AC repair company can provide you with expert information on the most appropriate options for your home or commercial building.

The NATE-certified Katy air conditioning repair technicians at AirDepot specialize in providing the Katy AC services that our customers want and need to stay comfortable all year long. We have more than 40 years of experience in the HVAC industry and provide professional maintenance, repair, and replacement services designed to suit your needs and your budget perfectly. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for service or to discuss your options for a new heating and cooling system. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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