It can be hard to determine whether you need Spring AC repair or AC replacement for your air conditioning unit. You want to make the most cost-effective and practical decision regarding your AC, but how do you know exactly when it’s time to replace your unit? There are a few signs that a replacement can save you money and make your home more comfortable. Here are a few things to consider if you are torn between scheduling Spring AC repair services or installing a new AC unit.

You Need Spring AC Repair Frequently

Frequent breakdowns are a common sign it’s time for an HVAC replacement. There are times when you need Spring AC repair services, but if this is a common occurrence, it may be that your unit is on the path to complete failure. Ideally, you should replace your AC unit before this happens. Especially since continual repairs can add up over time to be more expensive than a replacement. Therefore, consult with your Spring air conditioning repair technician about whether you need a new unit.

Your Unit Is More Than 10 Years Old

Another factor that should influence your decision is the age of your AC unit. Typically, well-maintained air conditioning units have a lifespan of about 15 years. Therefore, if yours is over ten years old, you likely need to replace your air conditioner.

Additionally, a new unit will likely be more efficient and can save you in the long run. There have been many advancements for air conditioning units in the last decade. New AC units have to meet a higher energy-efficiency standard than in the past. This means that your house can stay more comfortable and you can save money on electricity costs.

Your AC Unit Uses R 22 Freon

In addition, you should think about the type of refrigerant your air conditioning unit uses. If you aren’t sure, ask your Spring AC repair technician. Freon is slowly being eliminated by the federal government as an acceptable refrigerant. Because of this, the cost of freon is rising and will continue to do so. Soon, it may even be unavailable. Therefore, you will likely need to replace your unit in the near future with one that uses a different refrigerant.

At AirDepot, we can help you find the most practical and budget-friendly solution for your HVAC systems. We offer a variety of Spring AC services, including AC repairs, maintenance, and new installation. If you aren’t sure whether you need a repair or replacement, our expert technicians can give you the best advice. Call us today to discuss your air conditioning needs or to request emergency AC services. We are here to serve you.

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