Have you noticed that your air conditioner is not performing properly as summer temperatures and humidity rise in the Houston area? If so, do not delay in calling for Katy AC repairs and maintenance. Timely attention to maintenance and repairs can prevent small problems from becoming big ones, save money and keep you comfortable. AirDepot provide both residential and commercial Katy AC services for all major brands and models of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Here, we discuss some of the major warning signs that commonly occur before an AC breaks down.

Poor Airflow

If the unit is not producing enough air, there may be several reasons why. First, check the filter. Clogged, dirty filters affect airflow, making the compressor work harder to produce conditioned air. Clean or change filters regularly to maintain proper airflow and improve efficiency. If this does not improve the problem, call a certified technician for Katy’s AC repair.

Strange Noises

Usually, people don’t pay much attention to the normal sounds of a heating and cooling unit as it comes on, blows air, and cycles off. If you hear clanging, whining, hissing, or grinding noises, call for Katy air conditioning repair services. Hissing, screaming, or bubbling may indicate leaking refrigerant. Clanging may indicate a loose part or worn belt. Whining can indicate a number of problems. Although some sounds may not be serious, others may indicate problems that can be costly to rectify if not repaired immediately.

Warm Air

If the unit is blowing warm air, first check the thermostat setting. If the setpoint is correct, check the filter. Dirty filters can result in coils becoming coated with debris and dust, which affects heat exchange. If the filter is clean, there may be a more serious problem that requires a Katy AC repair.

High Energy Bills

Although energy costs will go up with increased use of air conditioning, noticeably higher bills indicate a problem. Before turning on the air conditioner for the first time in the spring, call for preventive maintenance. Professionals examine each component of the unit and fine-tune the entire system to optimize performance. If small problems are found that can affect energy efficiency and comfort, the technicians recommend ways to repair them. Maintenance plans typically include discounts on parts, labor, and replacement equipment.

If your air conditioner is not providing the indoor comfort you need, call the experts at AirDepot for Katy AC services, including tune-ups, emergency repairs, and new installations.

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