As colder temperatures approach, making sure your air conditioning unit is ready for the winter weather ahead can extend the life of this important system. A routine visit by a company that specializes in Cypress air conditioning replacement and repair can ensure that your heating and cooling system keeps you comfortable inside your home or business when temperatures cool down in our area. Here are some helpful hints for winterizing your air conditioning unit this year.

Clean the Condenser

Clearing away leaves, weeds, and dirt from the outside unit of your air conditioning system can help it work at peak efficiency during the hot summer months and can prevent damage from occurring during cooler weather. A garden hose with a spray attachment can be used to clean dust from the fins of your condenser. This can prevent overheating in summer and can give you a good head start on maintaining the unit next year.

Keep It Clear

Covering your outside condenser unit in the Houston area is unnecessary and may attract rodents and other unwanted guests that can chew wires and build nests in these sheltered areas. Your air conditioning condenser is designed to stand up to rain, sleet and wind without a cover or other protection against the elements.

Change the Filter

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, replacing your air filters regularly is the single most important way to keep your air conditioner and furnace in tip-top condition. Old filters can break down, allowing dirt and debris to damage components of your inside unit. Additionally, clogged filters block airflow, making your air conditioning unit work harder and increasing the risk that you will need a Cypress AC replacement. By changing your air filters every month, you can keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

Perform an Inspection

Checking the flue of your furnace for cracks and blockages can prevent toxic gases from entering your home and causing health issues for your family. Performing an inspection of your heating system can also help you identify any issues that could prevent you from staying warm when cold weather arrives. A few simple checks can ensure that you and your family stay comfortable all winter long.

Schedule a Checkup

Setting up regular spring and fall appointments can allow you to take the worry out of maintenance for your heating and cooling system. These semi-annual visits by your local HVAC technician are an excellent way to assess the current performance of your system and to ensure that it is ready to keep indoor temperatures comfortable year after year.

The Cypress air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation team at AirDepot can provide your home or business with the most advanced and practical solutions for all your heating and cooling needs. Our NATE-certified technicians can quickly resolve most issues and can provide you with the expert guidance needed to keep things comfortable inside your Texas home. Call us today to schedule an appointment for maintenance or emergency care. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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