It’s the holiday season… and you’re probably scrambling to get the house ready for family, friends, and more for your holiday parties this weekend & next week. We don’t want to add more to your ‘To-Do’ list, but making sure that these HVAC maintenance items are checked off will help everything go much smoother & prevent any HVAC failures.

Check Your Furnace Filter

A dirty furnace filter minimizes the airflow that your heating system needs to operate efficiently. Think about this: all your family & friends, in one room, playing games, eating, dancing… it can definitely make that room much warmer than usual. Without replacing your dirty filters, this problem is not going to be an easy fix. Dedicate time to make sure that each filter in your home is replaced and ready to go!

Turn the Heat Down

If you’re hosting on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, chances are you will be cooking! Leave your heater on while you’re cooking & baking for the Christmas feast & the food won’t be the only thing heating up. Make sure your home doesn’t get too warm for your guests by turning down the furnace & letting your oven take care of the rest!

Dust, Dust, Dust!

Chances are that this month, you’ve had a lot of activity in your home. From pulling decorations out of storage to moving things around to prepare for holiday guests, you’ve probably created quite a bit of dust. This very dust can create more dirt, debris, and even odors. By getting a quick tuneup from our HVAC maintenance team, you can assure that your home will be ready for your guests to arrive for the holidays! Our goal is to ensure that everyone enjoys absolute comfort at any time of the year.

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