A few simple steps are all that is necessary to ensure your air conditioning system is ready for hurricane season and severe storms that may hit our area this summer. A Spring air conditioning repair company can prepare your AC system for the hazardous weather ahead. Keep in mind a few important steps to protect your AC unit this summer.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Before the height of hurricane season, make an appointment for maintenance with your Spring air conditioning repair company. An HVAC technician will perform a comprehensive inspection of your system to identify any developing or existing problems. This simple step could prevent an unexpected failure that might cause serious issues before a storm occurs.

Consider a Surge Protector

Lightning is a threat not only to your safety but also to the electrical systems within your home or business. Taking steps to prevent damage to your HVAC systems from lightning is an essential step to prepare for storm season. Your Spring AC repair company has the knowledge to install a surge protector and other precautionary measures for your units. These devices offer the best protection for your HVAC system this year.

Turn off Your AC

When the storm hits, it is a good idea to turn off your air conditioning system to prevent damage that could be caused by intermittent power outages. Your compressor unit is especially vulnerable to electrical interruptions and unexpected stops. By shutting down your air conditioning during the storm, you can promote the greatest longevity for your entire HVAC system.

Clear Your Yard

Removing lawn chairs and tables from your yard can prevent these objects from causing damage to your outdoor HVAC unit during a storm. If these objects cannot be moved indoors, consider using hurricane-rated tie-downs to secure large objects to prevent serious damage. A little advance preparation could prevent thousands of dollars in damage.

At AirDepot, we specialize in providing the most advanced Spring air conditioning repair and replacement services for our clients. We work with you to identify issues that could affect your indoor comfort and the function of your AC system. To learn more about our full lineup of Spring AC services, call us today to request an appointment with our skilled HVAC technicians. We look forward to the chance to serve you.

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