We may be enjoying the low to mid-80s temperatures of spring at the moment, but the days of sweltering, summer heat are not far. It seems every year, our summers keep hitting record heat waves. With our summers getting hotter every year, make sure that you & your home are prepared.

Air Conditioning Checkup

Start by replacing air filters & clearing any debris on or around vents. Then, clean off any dirt from the main HVAC unit outside. From there, test the unit by leaving it on while you’re away. If it seems to be cooling with no issues, check its efficiency. Scheduling an air conditioning checkup if issues arise before the heavy heat hits our area is imperative to survive Texas summers.

Test for Ventilation Leaks

Even if your air conditioner is running smoothly, leaks in your home slowly leak out that perfectly cooled air. Choosing to call a professional to fix this issue is an option, but you can also conduct your own home energy audit first. Search for any leaks in your windows & doors — seal them up with caulk & weather stripping if found.

Change Your Ceiling Fan Direction

Did you know your ceiling fan is designed to rotate differently depending on the season? In the winter, it should go clockwise to distribute heat risen. In the summer, your fan should go counter-clockwise at higher speeds to get a breeze going.

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