There are a few guidelines your Katy AC services company recommends to help reduce the risk of mold growing in your HVAC system. When mold grows in your air conditioning system, it can cause odors, poor indoor air quality, and health issues associated with mold exposure. Mold reproduces through spores that are released into the air. If you breathe these in, it can lead to congestion, difficulty breathing, eye irritation, and other undesirable symptoms. Additionally, those with asthma can suffer from asthma attacks if exposed to mold. Therefore, mold prevention is necessary to keep your family safe. Your Katy AC services company suggests you take a few steps to help stop the spread of mold in your air conditioning system.

Keep Your Air Conditioning on

One easy thing you can do to prevent mold in your AC unit is to keep it running at all times, if possible. Mold requires moisture in order to grow and spread, and your air conditioning unit removes moisture to cool your home. Additionally, mold likes warm environments, so running your AC can keep the environments too cool for mold to grow. Since running your air conditioning can help prevent mold from growing, stay on the lookout for AC issues. If you notice a dip in performance from your air conditioning, it’s important to schedule Katy AC repair services quickly so that mold doesn’t have a chance to invade your system.

Invest in Duct Cleaning Katy AC Services

In addition to running your air conditioning continuously, you should schedule regular duct cleaning with your Katy AC services company. Mold needs moisture and organic substances, like dust and pollen, to grow. Therefore, it’s important to keep your ductwork clean and dry. Regular duct cleaning appointments with your Katy air conditioning repair company can help keep your ductwork dry and free of dust and pollen. Therefore, these maintenance services can help prevent mold from growing in your air conditioning system and entering your home.

Replace Your Air Filters Regularly

Another easy step to take to help protect your AC system from the mold is to change your air filters regularly. Air filters collect dust, pollen, and other compounds that mold likes to feed on. Dirty filters will have a difficult time stopping these contaminants from entering your system. They also negatively impact your air conditioner’s efficiency. Therefore, it’s important to change your air filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you aren’t sure how often to change your air filters, your Katy AC services technicians are a great resource for advice on air filter replacement.

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