If you walk into your home and notice that the heating and cooling system is blowing foul-smelling air, that usually signals a problem that requires prompt attention. Solving the problem may be as simple as changing the air filter or cleaning the condensate line. However, other problems may require the services of a Katy AC repair professional.

Have a Maintenance Checkup

Most people take their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units for granted. However, we immediately notice when a unit doesn’t work properly. Clogged air filters become moisture-laden and breed mold. Dirty filters are unable to capture pollutants, which flow into the system. If the drip pan is blocked, water may back up, causing a musty smell.

If coils become coated with dust, they may give off a bad smell as they expel heat. A burning smell can be caused by melting electrical lines, a short in the circuit board, or an overheated motor. Frayed electrical lines are a fire hazard and should be repaired immediately.

Regular maintenance by a certified Katy AC services professional keeps your system working efficiently. During a maintenance check, each element is examined, cleaned, and fine-tuned, including filters, condensate lines, coils, refrigerants, ducts, and electrical connections.

Check Ducts for Mold or Vermin

Air conditioners remove humidity from the air. Dirt, particles, or clogs in ducts soak up moisture, which can lead to the formation of mold and mildew and cause a smell like dirty socks. If you see dripping water or mold forming around grilles, call your Katy air conditioning repair contractor to investigate.

Ducts can serve as a home for insects and animals, including rats, squirrels, birds, and bats. If the smell is coming from ducts, an animal may have died inside. Request a Katy AC repair professional to inspect the ducts. If animals or insects are present, removing them is only half the job. The point of entry must also be identified. A pest removal service may be required to prevent re-infestation.

AirDepot AC Repair Services

AirDepot is a family-owned business serving the greater Houston area. We have provided new installations, preventive maintenance, and HVAC repair services for both residential and commercial customers since 1977. We stay at the leading edge of technology to provide energy-efficient equipment and a comfortable indoor environment. At AirDepot, we pride ourselves on stellar customer service, demonstrated by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and awards from industry leaders, including Angie’s List and Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

If your heating and air conditioning unit is emitting a bad smell, call us today to schedule Katy’s AC repair services. We also provide 24-hour emergency services. We are licensed, insured, and bonded.

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