Heat Pumps

If you need heat pump repair in Tomball, TX, you can rely on AirDepot for all your needs. Heat pumps are vital for keeping homes warm during the cold of winter, especially since Texas occasionally gets freezing weather. Heat pumps extract heat from the surrounding air or ground and amplify it so it becomes more heated. The heat pump distributes the heated air throughout the home, keeping it warm. If you have been considering a new heater, contact AirDepot about heat pump installation services.


Heat pumps offer many benefits to homeowners, including energy efficiency, quiet run times, and safe operation. On average, heat pumps last up to 15 years before needing to be replaced. With proper maintenance, they can last even longer. We offer repair, installation, and maintenance services for heat pumps. You can schedule an appointment online or call the office. We also offer coupons to new customers on our website.