Updated On: 10/11/23

With spring right around the corner in Cypress, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning. As you make your to-do list, AirDepot encourages you to get your HVAC system serviced. Taking steps to prepare your HVAC system now will ensure that it’s ready to go when the heat ramps up during the Texas summer. Fortunately, getting your HVAC system ready to go won’t be nearly as time-consuming as washing the windows or dusting the blinds. Here are a few easy ideas to help you get started.

Remove the Cover on Your Outdoor Unit

Although they’re not necessary, many homeowners put a cover over their air conditioner’s outdoor unit during the winter. If that’s true of you, it’s important that you remove this cover before you turn on your system for the first time. Otherwise, the outdoor unit won’t be able to release heat into the outdoor air efficiently. One drawback of covers is that animals can use the enclosed space to build nests. Therefore, it’s important to take some time to inspect your outdoor unit and make sure that it’s free from any debris that could impede its performance. You’ll also want to wash and dry the cover before putting it in storage until next winter.

Check Thermostat Settings

Although modern thermostats can largely handle seasonal changes without much input, it’s still a good idea to take a few moments to make sure that your thermostat is ready to go. Taking this time can help ensure that you choose the most efficient settings so that you’re not unexpectedly hit with a high energy bill. If you have an older thermostat, AirDepot recommends replacing it with a newer programmable or smart thermostat. One benefit of a smart thermostat is that you can control the temperature of your home even when you’re away on vacation or when you’re at work.

Replace Air Filter

With warmer weather comes budding plants, which bring allergens floating in the air. While good windows and doors will help to keep these allergens outside where they belong, some will inevitably make it inside your home. To help prevent these contaminants from causing runny noses and sore throats, it’s a good idea to change the air filter on your HVAC system. Suppose you normally use a filter that’s designed only to catch larger contaminants. In that case, you may want to temporarily switch to a filter that can also capture allergens that can bother you and your family.

Get a Maintenance Check

The only way to be sure that your HVAC system is ready for warmer weather is to have AirDepot come out and perform a maintenance check. During this visit, an HVAC professional will check every component of your system to ensure that it’s operating properly. They’ll also tighten any loose connections, clean any dust that’s accumulating in sensitive areas, and help you make sure that your thermostat settings are optimized. If you have any concerns about the performance of your system, now is a great time to bring them up to ensure that any problems are corrected before it gets too hot.

Check Your Condensate Drain Outlet

When your air conditioner is running, it’s pulling moisture from the air using chilled refrigerant in the evaporator coil. This water, called condensate, can amount to several gallons on a humid Texas day. To avoid significant water damage to your home, your HVAC system has a condensate drain to route the water outside. During the winter, small animals may take refuge in the drain since it can pull small amounts of heat from your home. To prevent leaks and reduced system operation, it’s good to check this drain for any blockages. You can also pour a mix of bleach and water down the drain to further ensure that it’s clean.

We Can Get You Ready to Go

At AirDepot, we want everyone to have a comfortable and enjoyable spring and summer. That’s why we offer repair, maintenance, and installation for air conditioners and furnace units. We also offer indoor air quality equipment to help further improve the comfort of your home. Plus, we offer a full lineup of commercial services, meaning that we can take care of both your home and business. Customers consistently leave us five-star reviews for our top-notch work, and we are fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau. To learn more about improving your home’s comfort this spring, contact us at AirDepot today.

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