If you use your air conditioner continuously during the hot, humid Houston summer, it is important to schedule air conditioning maintenance and repairs as cool weather arrives. If you have noticed a decline in performance over months of use, such as hot spots in a room or reduced airflow, call for Spring air conditioning repair before shutting the system down for several months. Attending to problems at the end of summer protects the unit during the colder winter months and prepares it for the next warm season.

Do-it-yourself Air Conditioning Maintenance

There are several tasks a homeowner can do to keep the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit running efficiently. These tasks also prepare it for winter.

Changing the filter is one of the best ways to minimize the need for Spring air conditioning repair services. It also saves energy. Dirty filters affect airflow, which can cause a change in system pressure. In addition, dirt bypassing the filter is blown through ducts and onto coils. Dirty coils affect heat exchange, which reduces energy efficiency.

Maintaining the area around the outside unit ensures air flows freely. Keep grass and shrubs trimmed back several feet from the unit. Sweep leaves and other debris off the housing. Although cleaning the coils is an important part of end-of-season Spring AC services, this task is best left to professionals who have the tools and experience to handle sensitive fins without damaging them.

Have a Professional Evaluation

If your air conditioner is not providing the indoor comfort required, ask your HVAC contractor for an evaluation of your system. If needed Spring AC repairs are expensive, it may be more cost-effective to replace the unit. If it is more than 10 years old and your utility bills are high, consider a newer, energy-efficient model that uses less energy and provides better comfort.

AirDepot and Heating have provided AC services for residents of Spring, Texas, and other communities in the greater Houston area since 1977. We understand how the climate of Houston affects heating and cooling equipment. We recommend products that withstand the extremes of temperature and humidity to provide indoor comfort. In addition, our recommendations reflect your budget and lifestyle.

Our technicians are certified by NATE, demonstrating competency in core areas, including installation, maintenance, and refrigeration, as well as specialties. They are trained to handle refrigerants according to the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency. We also recycle other components to protect the environment.

As the summer winds down, get your air conditioner ready for winter. Call AirDepot for an HVAC maintenance inspection. Our annual maintenance plans include three checkups a year.

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