The air filter is a critical piece in your HVAC system when it comes to having clean air in your Cypress, Texas home. These filters come in several varieties, which can be confusing when it comes to finding the right one for your needs. You’ll find three different types to pick from: pleated, fiberglass, and washable filters. They also come in several ratings. Learning a little more about what is available can help you narrow down your options, and AirDepot is always here to help you.

Quality Pleated Air Filters for Your Home

Pleated air filters are named for the material found inside the frame. This material is referred to as the media, and it is the media that actually filters the pollutants out of the air. In a pleated air filter, the media is folded like an accordion. This is done to maximize the surface area that catches those pollutants. This type of filter used to be made with cotton media, but today’s modern versions use synthetic polymers that minimize the impact on airflow. The main advantage of a pleated air filter is that it is highly efficient. The media captures a higher percentage of large particles, as well as small ones, compared to the other types of filters available.

When to Use a Fiberglass Air Filter

Fiberglass air filters are very inexpensive, and they are often recommended for pre-filtering devices. This is because fiberglass versions aren’t as effective as your other options. While they do allow more airflow, many particles make their way through the media easily. The one instance where a fiberglass air filter would be the best choice is when you don’t always remember, or have the time, to change your filters as often as you should. Once a pleated air filter is loaded with trapped particles, the airflow is critically decreased. At this stage, the pleated air filter is horribly ineffective. Fiberglass air filters can go longer between changes because they don’t trap as many particles.

The Many Benefits of Washable Air Filters

Washable electrostatic filters are made with metal frames. They are created in a way that allows you to wash and reuse them for many years to come. They may be a little bit more of an investment to begin with, but they will save you money over time. You do have to remember to wash them regularly in order for them to be effective. Make sure that they dry thoroughly before you put them back in place. If they don’t get an opportunity to dry completely, mold growth could become a serious issue.

What Quality of Air Filter Do You Need?

Once you have decided on the type of air filter, you need to determine what rating is best for your needs. The minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) scale rates filters from 1 to 16. It is a scale that measures the effectiveness of an air filter. It was created by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers in 1987. Anything that rates under an 8 on the MERV scale won’t be worth the investment, and those filters with a rating over 13 are only necessary for extreme situations. A rating from 8 to 13 is recommended for most homes.

Other Things to Consider

Do you or a family member suffer from allergies? Your air filters can help keep allergens out of your home. How severe those allergies are will determine how critical your home’s air filtration needs to be. If you have a severe allergy to something common in your area, you want to use a MERV 13 air filter. Less severe allergies to typical allergens will only require a MERV 11 filter. Dander can be an issue in homes with pets. Dander refers to small flakes of skin that your pet loses as it sheds. Look for MERV 13 filters and avoid the fiberglass versions.

Rely on Your Local Professionals

AirDepot is here to help you find the perfect air filter for your home’s needs. We are your Cypress HVAC experts when it comes to all of your heating and cooling needs. In addition to our HVAC service, we offer installation and maintenance for air purifiers, UV lights, and Wi-Fi-capable thermostats. If you are trying to decide which air filter is best for you, contact AirDepot today for more information.

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