With the many roles that women take on today, having a private retreat to relax and rejuvenate is crucial to mental and physical health. When creating a “she shed”, you need a space that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. In the climate of Katy, Texas, temperature and humidity control is a must for indoor comfort. Licensed technicians at a Katy AC services company can offer a full suite of services to create a comfortable indoor environment.

Cooling and Heating Options

There are several options for cooling and heating detached spaces. Katy AC repair services technicians will recommend options that work with your budget and indoor climate needs.
  • Ductless mini-split heat pumps provide both heating and cooling in the same unit. As the name suggests, ductless units do not require ducts. Instead, an external compressor connects to an indoor blower by a conduit routed through a small hole in the wall. The conduit contains refrigerant lines, condensate tubing, and wiring. Units can usually be installed in one day with minimal disturbance. In addition, they are quiet, an important feature if you want to escape the noises of daily life in your she shed.
  • Window units are less energy-efficient than mini-splits and often require structural modifications to install. Some heat and cool, offering the convenience of year-round comfort in a single unit. Window units tend to be noisy.
  • Portable air conditioner units are convenient because they can be moved from place to place. An exhaust vent expels hot air through a window. Moisture is collected in a reservoir in the unit or pumped out through a condensate hose. Portable ACs are noisier than other options.
  • Portable heaters are powered by electricity, kerosene, or gas. Although they are not as energy efficient as heat pumps, they are usually not very expensive to run for short periods of time. However, you must follow safety recommendations because they are associated with fires and burn injuries when improperly used. Be sure to turn them off when not in use.

Air Quality

If you use your she shed for crafts or other projects, air quality may be an issue. Many craft products give off volatile organic compounds that can cause health problems. In addition, the air in the Houston area often contains allergens, dust, bacteria, and mold.

AirDepot offers Katy AC services and indoor air quality products, including standalone air cleaners, humidity control equipment, exhaust fans, and better-quality filters. After installation, we support your products with Katy air conditioning repair and preventive maintenance services. We guarantee our products and services.

Call the Katy AC services experts at AirDepot to find out more about climate control options for your she shed.

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