Have you recently purchased a smart thermostat but aren’t sure how to install it? Luckily for you, thermostat installations are often one of the easier do-it-yourself projects to complete. While the best way is often to trust a professional, you can still be successful if you have some basic electrical knowledge. You can always attempt the installation yourself and bring in a professional later. Follow this smart thermostat installation guide for helpful tips and tricks.

Preparing to Install

Smart thermostats have a variety of intuitive benefits that improve the comfort and convenience of your home. Once you’ve chosen your model, confirm that it has a compatible voltage requirement. Turn off the power to your HVAC system and thermostat to minimize potential safety hazards. Once the power is off, gently remove the faceplate of your current thermostat.

This will give you access to the backplate and wiring. Your thermostat may have certain wires labeled or marked according to their purpose. These stickers or tags will likely be useful in your new thermostat. Take a picture of the wires so you have a reference for the future and a backup plan in case you run into installation difficulties.

You may need a screwdriver, screws, level, masking tape, and potential repair equipment like paint or spackle. Once you’ve assembled the proper tools, you can gently remove the wires from the thermostat. Older models vary greatly in how they were assembled, so you may need to pull the wires free, unscrew them or press down tabs to release them. Avoid using excessive force or pressure that could damage the wiring.

Once the wires are removed, unscrew the backplate from the wall and prepare to install the new thermostat. At this point in the process, confirm whether you have a common, or C-wire. This wire is explicitly responsible for providing power to your thermostat. Devices with more capabilities like smart devices often require this wire, which may not have been installed in the previous device.

Smart thermostats often come with adapters that can be installed in place of a C-wire. If you don’t have electrical knowledge or feel uncomfortable changing the wiring of your thermostat, contact a professional for guidance. Professional technicians can easily and quickly install a C-wire adapter and complete the rest of the process.

Installing the Thermostat

Once you’ve prepared the area, thread the wires through the backplate of the new smart thermostat. Ensure the plate is level and correctly placed on the wall before screwing it into place. You can then reference your picture of the wires from before to correctly link them back to your new thermostat. Use the already established labels or create your own to help with installations or replacements in the future.

After you’ve correctly connected the wires, snap the faceplate into place. It should fit perfectly on the backplate with minimal pressure. You may need to rearrange the wires to ensure they all fit inside. You can then turn your power and HVAC system back on.

Your smart thermostat likely has an app where you can connect the device to your Wi-Fi. Fill out all necessary information and establish your settings. Feel free to run your thermostat through a few tests to ensure it’s functioning properly.

Trust the Professionals

Installing a new smart thermostat is often an easy, straightforward process. However, you may run into difficulties if you live in an older home or aren’t sure how to update the wiring. Don’t feel embarrassed calling in the experts to install your new thermostat.

Technicians receive training on every thermostat model and have the experience and tools to complete the installation correctly. It’s better to trust the experts than to risk damaging your thermostat or HVAC system. The low installation fee guarantees you peace of mind and constant indoor comfort when you need it most.

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